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EHR integrated software that surfaces your highest impact opportunities for every appointment.

Effectively getting your providers to execute your priorites can feel impossible.

We can help with that.


Affirm Health Tablet

Prioritize tasks based on your practice goals, payer contracts, and more

Our technology allows system leaders to communicate priorities with providers at the point of care. Our algorithm takes the guesswork out of deciphering patient data, payer contracts, quality metrics and practice goals for your team.

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[The huddle] allows me to address quality gaps faster than I can from within [the EMR].

Mike Emmons

[The huddle] makes my day much more efficient. It allows my team to work seamlessly and be prepared ahead of time.

Dr. Vandegriff

[The huddle] is simple and easy to use, aggregates a day’s schedule for planning and care opportunities.

Matt O’Dell
BSN, Director of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety

As a nurse practitioner, I focus on quality and prevention with my patients The huddle has helped me and my MA work as a team to ensure we are taking full advantage of all the appropriate screenings for our patients and allowing me the one-on-one time...

Elizabeth Helms
Family Nurse Practitioner

Having an additional tool to navigate the electronic health record allows me to improve the quality of care I provide and increase the time I can spend with my patient. Just one more reason why I appreciate all that Affirm has offered us!

Dr. Jennifer Stanley
Regional Medical Director

With the Huddle, our clinicians see what we want them to see, when we want them to see it.

Aaron Shoemaker
Chief Medical Officer

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Evaluate provider performance with our analytics dashboard

We know hitting specific practice goals and quality metrics is key to your profitability. So from leadership to providers, we help you stay aligned.

With our analytics dashboard, track conversion and usage rates by provider.