About Us

Mitch Evans

Chief Executive Officer

Mitch Evans is a healthcare technology entrepreneur, who enjoys product building. Prior to founding Affirm Health, Mitch worked at Jumpstart Foundry, NC2 Media, and Deloitte Consulting. Mitch received his undergraduate business degree from Pennsylvania State University and his Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

John Cole

Chief Operating Officer

John oversees operations, customer engagement, and growth. The son of a primary care doctor, he is passionate about building technology solutions for clinicians. Prior to founding AffirmHealth, John spent 5 years in the financial services industry (M&A). John is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, earning his BS and MBA.

Mario Ramirez

Chief Medical Officer

Mario Ramirez graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed his training and fellowship in Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University.  He then joined the United States Air Force and served as an Emergency Medicine Physician and Flight Surgeon.  After his service, Mario was a White House Fellow and concurrently served as the Acting Director for the Office of Pandemic and Emerging Threats, directly advising the Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs and Immediate Office of the Secretary on international issues of emerging concern including Ebola and MERS-CoV, antimicrobial resistance, pandemic influenza, dual use research of concern/synthetic biology, and biosecurity/biosafety.  Additionally, Mario was an attending clinical physician in the emergency department at Sibley Memorial Hospital (John’s Hopkins University) and has since held roles as both Medical Director and Medical Advisor for several healthcare companies.

Angela Edlin

Head of Customer Success

Angela Edlin is an experienced project manager and healthcare account executive. Driven by improving provider workflows, she takes pride in utilizing consumer feedback and innovation to make a clinician’s job easier and secure better outcomes for patients. Angela is a graduate from the University of Tennessee and has been working in Nashville’s healthcare industry for 7 years.

Josh Wingstrom

Head of Engineering

Josh Wingstrom is a software architect with a background leading high-performing engineering teams across healthcare, financial services, and digital entertainment industries. Previously Josh served as the Chief Technology Officer at NC2 Media and Lonely Planet. Josh is the founder of East Five, Magic Moments, and RED Method. He received his PhD in Computer Science and Masters in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Hawaii.

Scott Turner

Software Developer 

Scott Turner is an experienced backend developer who has worked in finance, telecom, and healthcare.  Enabling others to be more successful fuels his engineering focus.  Scott enjoys volunteering, is a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and has been working in Nashville’s healthcare industry since 2015.

Brian Hiatt

Web Development Team Lead

Brian Hiatt is a software developer and team lead specializing in web technologies. After a brief stint working on the front lines of healthcare, he became passionate about delivering quality software that helps providers deliver quality care.  Brian graduated from the Nashville Software School over six years ago and has been creating software in Nashville since then.