About Affirm

Affirm Health’s mission is to support clinicians with technology that allows them to focus wholly on the health of humans in their care.

Value-Based Care

Affirm Health’s mission is to support clinicians with technology that allows them to focus wholly on the health of humans in their care.

Affirm Health was created to help doctors and nurses help their patients. Technology has restructured the world in the last two decades, but these shifts have left huge areas of medicine and healthcare largely the same as they were. We believe the more time practitioners spend listening to and speaking with their patients, the better the patient experience is. We use technology to streamline administration, clarify communications and simplify everything that goes into creating impactful value-based care.

Chief Executive Officer

Mitch Evans

Mitch Evans is a healthcare technology entrepreneur, who enjoys product building. Prior to founding Affirm Health, Mitch worked at Jumpstart Foundry, NC2 Media, and Deloitte Consulting. Mitch received his undergraduate business degree from Pennsylvania State University and his Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.

Chief Operating Officer

John Cole

John oversees operations, customer engagement, and growth. The son of a primary care doctor, he is passionate about building technology solutions for clinicians. Prior to founding AffirmHealth, John spent 5 years in the financial services industry (M&A). John is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, earning his BS and MBA.

Chief Technology Officer

Josh Wingstrom


Nigel Green

Nigel leads sales at Affirm Health. He’s spent the last 15 years leading sales for quickly-growing healthcare companies. He’s a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, an operating partner for Shore Capital, and an entrepreneur in residence for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Head of Customer Success

Angela Fitzgerald 

Angela is an experienced project manager and healthcare account executive. Driven by improving provider workflows, she takes pride in utilizing consumer feedback and innovation to make a clinician’s job easier and secure better outcomes for patients. Angela is a graduate from the University of Tennessee and has been working in Nashville’s healthcare industry for 7 years.

Head of Marketing

Alyssa McNally

Alyssa comes from a marketing agency background with extensive healthcare tech experience. With a strong passion for content marketing, she is a swiss army knife knowing the ins and out of digital strategy. She drives our social media and editorial strategy while supporting our sales and customer support team. Alyssa graduated from Trinity University in Chicago with a degree in English Communication and has been in Creative Marketing for 10 years.

Head of People Operations

Gillian Ettwein, PHR

Gillian has been assisting clients across a wide range of industries for nearly 20 years. She brings her passion for organization and extensive knowledge of organizational structure and cloud-based implementations to the team. Gillian spent the last nine years building her expertise on remote culture from her home in Phoenix, AZ. When she is not focused on policies and implementations, she can be found hiking or planning her next vacation with her husband, Noah, and their two daughters.

Chief Security Officer

Scott Turner

Scott Turner comes from an engineering background with over 25 years of product development experience.  He spent the last 6 years working with healthcare data to surface more opportunities for patient care.  Scott is a graduate from Georgia Tech and has a degree in Electrical Engineering. 

Head of Product

Brian Hiatt

Writing software was a career pivot for Brian. Populating a daily rehab schedule at a skilled nursing facility opened his eyes to the opportunity for software to address the complexities of modern healthcare. The belief that there has to be a better way led him to Nashville Software School and, later, to Affirm Health. As head of product, he seeks ways for software to do more of the hard parts so that healthcare teams can do more of the human parts.


Chief Customer Officer

Katila Farley, RN, CMOM

Katila is an experienced Healthcare Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the medical industry. She is a robust information technology professional with a degree focused in Registered Nursing.  She is certified in Value-Based Care and skilled in ACO, Risk, Care Coordination, Care Transitions, and all aspects of managing and growing a medical practice, both small and large. 

Our Team

Current Openings

Customer Success Manager

As our Customer Success Manager is the client-facing representation of our company and standards. The essential functions depend upon the individual’s ability to communicate and develop positive relationships with our new and existing clients and our internal team.

Senior Product Manager

As our Senior Product Manager, you will have an opportunity to own Product and create, refine, and expand the functionality of our Clinician Suite applications. You will play a critical role in helping lead Affirm Health in standardizing our approach to product, ensuring the voice of our customer is well reflected in continued iterations of our product, and guiding conversations across engineering, marketing, sales and customer success to deliver products that scale and improve the lives of our customers.

Here’s what it’s like to work with us:

We’re Part Of The Team

Medicine is a team sport. We’re partners not vendors. Every patient is treated by a team: doctors, nurses, administrators, insurers, office managers and technicians. Affirm Health is part of that team, and our job is to support the experts so they can deliver on their promise of excellent patient care every day.

We Keep Our Promises

We do what we say we’re going to do, because we know on the other side of every screen there is a living, breathing person. We create technology, but we serve humanity. Every decision we make starts and ends with the people we’re here to help.

We’re All Ears

We always listen more than we talk. Everyone should be heard and no one should ever feel ignored. What we hear, and the questions we ask drives what we create. Our best ideas come from you.

We’re Gritty With A Smile

Medicine is a 24 hour a day job. We love to dig in and we’re happy to keep going until everyone feels good. We know what’s at stake, and that’s what keeps us moving.

News & Press

The Intersection of FFS and VBC Medicine: Conclusion

The Intersection of FFS and VBC Medicine: Conclusion

by Jonathan Hart, MD MBA

As we’ve seen over these past few weeks in our exploration of the intersection of FFS and VBC in the PCP office, the practical application of VBC principles does not need to be an enigma for FFS-heavy practices. You can and, in truth, need to practice in both worlds – FFS and VBC. In fact, VBC concepts applied to non-VBC circumstances can be a boost to FFS healthcare delivery in both revenue and in their transition to practices that create value rather than just creating claims.

The Intersection of FFS and VBC Medicine: ACP

The Intersection of FFS and VBC Medicine: ACP

by Jonathan Hart, MD MBA

We’ve been looking at the intersection of fee-for-service (FFS) and value-based care healthcare delivery models within a primary care (PCP) office/ Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) and HEDIS® measures tend to get most of the attention in discussions of VBC in a PCP office, but they have an often-forgotten cousin that can have at least the same impact on both positive patient outcome and shared savings revenue – Advanced Care Planning (ACP).